Jenny Craig vs. Nutrisystem: Which is Better?


Many people get these two weight loss meal replacement plans mixed up as there are many similarities. Both are easy to use and require no calorie counting or point tracking. They are also both endorsed by celebrities and provide the food for you, eliminating much of the trouble of dieting. Here’s a guide to help you understand the big differences between these two plans and figure out which is best for your needs.

What’s the same?

Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem both offer a variety of pre-packaged meals that are delivered to your door. You’re given the opportunity to select your snacks and meals according to your preferences and then order them in a one-month supply from the company. Foods are high in protein but low in calories and carbs for a filling meal that aids in weight loss. Weight loss with Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig is similar and both companies offer popular foods like pizza and chocolate desserts.

Differences between Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig

Perhaps the biggest difference between these two meal replacement plans is the level of support you receive. Jenny Craig encourages visits to local clinics where you have the opportunity to work with an assigned counselor for weight loss assistance. You may also use the website to contact your counselor. Jenny Craig recommends that you talk with your counselor at least once weekly and there is no additional cost for this weight loss help, although there are membership fees. Nutrisystem, on the other hand, is mostly a stand-alone meal replacement plan that assumes you will follow the guidelines of the program. There is some support, although it is completely online. This is a free service and you pay only for the food. Counselors are available by phone, although it is easier to use the chat feature online. This step is not mandatory like Jenny Craig and works best for some individuals.

Cost of Nutrisystem vs. Jenny Craig

Both meal replacement plans require you to pay for pre-packaged meals and the cost is very similar, averaging around $10 each day. It is possible to get a significant price difference, however, based on specials that run occasionally. Nutrisystem does tend to be cheaper though as there is no membership cost to cover counseling.

So, which is better?

Both plans are so comparable choosing one really depends on your preference. If you want a more personalized experience with face-to-face help from a counselor, Jenny Craig is probably the best choice, although you will pay a bit more for this advantage. If you simply want pre-packaged, low-calorie food to lose weight, Nutrisystem is your best bet.

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