Top Three Games for Weight Loss with the Wii

The Wii is popular with the young and old because it actually gets you up and moving instead of remaining sedentary on the couch. While Mario and racing games were originally the most popular games on the new system it did not take long before a number of fitness-themed games aimed at adults were released. These games make the promise to help you tone your muscles and lose weight, all while remaining comfortable at home. So is the Wii for weight loss as effective as it seems?

It turns out weight loss with the Wii is actually very possible with the right approach. Perhaps the greatest benefit to losing weight with the Wii is its ability to help you stay motivated. The Wii actually makes weight loss and exercise fun by using motion and games to create a great cardiovascular workout. It’s no secret that most people who wish to lose weight feel that exercise is hard work. For this reason, many are unsuccessful. The Wii has the ability to change that completely.

To get the most of your Wii weight loss efforts, remember that regular usage is key. Aim for 40 to 60 minutes of Wii exercise 5 days per week with two days on and 1 day off. Every three weeks you should change your routine as well. This makes you work harder and prevents your body from getting used to one thing. Also, make sure you combine a Wii weight loss workout with a healthy diet that’s low in fat to get the ultimate benefit.

Here’s a quick overview of the most popular and effective games for weight loss with the Wii.

1. Wii Fit Plus

This game is designed to combine fitness and fun. Wii Fit Plus is used with a balance board to play interactive exercise games like skateboarding and Rhythm Kung Fu. Players can choose between 20-, 30- and 40-minute workouts. The game play includes a wide range of activities that fit under many categories, including balance, strength training, aerobics and even yoga. Wii Fit Plus is the most popular and enjoyable weight loss game for the Wii available today.

2. Gold’s Gym Dance Workout

This game was designed with consultation from top fitness and dance experts and is designed to aid in weight loss specifically. This dance workout game is actually so enjoyable it doesn’t feel like exercise at all, although you will work up a sweat and burn calories. The game allows you to dance to great songs, learn choreography and even play fun mini-games.

3. Punch-Out!

Although not specifically a weight loss game for the Wii, Punch-Out! is a fun game that keeps you on your feet. This game is actually a remake of the classic Nintendo boxing game from 1984. In this Wii version you use the Wii controller as a boxing glove and advance by beating opponents in boxing matches.

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