Is it better to work out in the morning or evening?

Working out in the morning or evening: which is better? It may seem like a simple question but there are actually so many conflicting opinions about the best time to work out. While it really is a matter of personal preference, there are some advantages to both options. There are also myths surrounding the time you work out that need to be dispelled.

Workout Myth: You burn more calories before breakfast

There’s a common myth about working out during mornings. According to this myth, you burn more calories if you work out before breakfast because there are no carbs in your system. Truthfully, exercising on an empty stomach is actually a very bad idea. When you exercise your body must pull the energy from somewhere. Without good carb stores in your body it will instead break down protein for energy. This protein doesn’t just come from nowhere, of course. Your body actually breaks down your muscle to produce energy. The more muscle that is broken down the less fat your body breaks down. As you can see, working out before breakfast is counterproductive.

Benefit of Morning Workout

If you have eaten a small, healthy meal, working out in the morning can actually give your metabolism a huge boost. This is because your metabolism is at the lowest point of the day when you are just waking up from sleep. Your body has spent your sleeping hours repairing and now needs energy for the day. By waking up and working out first thing you are getting your blood pumping and body working faster. This boosts your metabolism and helps it stay high the rest of the day.

Benefits of Evening Workout

Many people claim that evening exercise can help you get to sleep. This is definitely true if you give yourself the time to relax after your workout. Be careful not to work out right before you go to bed, however, because this will have your heart and mind racing and it will be difficult to drift off to sleep. Another benefit of an evening workout is this: your body is already warmed up from the day and it can be a great way to reduce stress. Working out in the morning, on the other hand, requires getting up early and giving your body a jump start.

When it comes down to it, there is no preferred time to work out during the day. Instead, make sure your workouts are consistent and often and don’t worry too much about the time of day you choose. You may want to try different times and workout schedules to see what works best for you, gives you great results and helps you stay motivated.


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