Best Mobile Apps to track Weight Loss?

Today it’s possible to do nearly anything with your phone. Paying bills, keeping track of your busy schedule, editing photos, updating your Facebook status and playing games is all available at the touch of a button. Why not use your phone to track your weight loss and help you achieve your goals, too? Android and Apple both have a huge range of choices when it comes to mobile apps for weight loss. Some are designed better than others, however, so here’s a quick guide to some of the best out there now.


This free app for the iPhone helps you keep track of your weight loss efforts with little effort. You simply tell the app how much weight you want to lose weekly and it will tell you your recommended caloric intake each day. You can keep a record of what you eat each day as well as your exercise and you may even set push reminders so you won’t forget to add information each day. Loseit! even sends you a warning when you are running low on allotted calories for the day. According to the development company, Loseit! helps the average user lose around 12 pounds using the app and 85% of active users have lost weight. There is also a Loseit! website that provides graphs and reports to help you completely track your weight loss progress.

Tap & Track Calorie Counter

This weight loss app is $3.99 for the iPhone and includes a calorie counter that may be used offline as well. The app has daily calorie and exercise logs and the ability to track your intake of sodium, protein, fat, and carbs separately. Tap & Track also has a database with 400,000 foods and over 700 restaurants which makes it easy to add and track any food you’ve eaten. Perhaps the best part about this weight loss app is the ability to calculate your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) to give you a recommended caloric intake based on height, weight, gender, age and even occupation.

Absolute Fitness

For Android users, this $4.99 weight loss app may be just what you need. Absolute Fitness is an all-in-one application that gives you weight loss statistics, easy to read charts, an analysis of food intake and online data backup. It also has a huge food/exercise database that makes it easy to get accurate statistics and tracking. The tracking with this application is amazing, allowing you to track everything that may be important in your weight loss efforts, including the amount of water you’ve had and how much sleep you got.


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